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Aquamarina cruises, offers private yachting from 2010. We charter all kind of boats from small engine boats which the customers can rent without a license, rib boats, speed boats, sailing yachts and motor yachts of all sizes.

We are based in Santorini from April to October and in Athens from November to March.

We mainly operate in Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.

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Hustle free Boat Rentals!

AquaMarina also extends an opportunity for guests to captain their own journey with low horsepower, license-free boat rentals. Our user-friendly vessels offer the thrill of navigation without the need for a boating license or onboard skipper.

However, for those desiring a more relaxed experience, a professional skipper can be provided at an additional cost. Embrace the freedom of the Aegean Sea at your own pace with AquaMarina Cruises.

Sunset at the Caldera

Experience the epitome of luxury with AquaMarina's Premium Package: a captivating five-hour sunset cruise around the ethereal Santorini Caldera. As the sun dips below the horizon, the skies blaze with hues of gold and crimson, casting a magical glow over the serene waters.

This extraordinary journey offers an intimate view of Santorini's iconic landscapes, enveloped in the day's closing spectacle. It's a premium offering, where the magnificence of nature meets our high-end service, promising an unforgettable maritime experience. Sail with us and embrace the enchanting allure of Santorini at dusk.

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No speed boat license is required but a previous experience on driving boats is essential.

Max Guests: 5 (Recommended: 3)

Size: 4,56m

Engine: 30/40HP (Aux Engine: 5HP)

Stylish, fast, easy to drive 4,56 m long boat with comfortable back seats! Ideal for couples willing to cruise and explore Santorini on their own! 

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No speed boat license is required but a previous experience on driving boats is essential.

Max Guests: 8 (Recommended: 5)

Size: 5,30m

Engine: 30/60HP (Aux Engine: 5HP)

The Diana is an elegant boat; 5.30 m long and 2.3 m wide with an innovative design, stylish, luxury and comfortable, this model perfectly combines the cabin with the spaces of an open boat making it unique. 

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No speed boat license is required but a previous experience on driving boats is essential.

Max Guests: 6 (Recommended: 5)

Size: 4,46m

Engine: 25HP (Aux Engine: 5HP)

Easy to drive 4,46 m long boat Ideal for a group of friends (max 6) willing to cruise and explore Santorini on their own!

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Boat license is mandatory or professional skipper required

Max Guests: 9 (Recommended: 7)

Size: 5,65m

Engine: 115HP (Aux Engine: 6HP)

Speed boat driving license valid in EU Required: Yes

Skipper: Optional

A spacious and comfortable 5.65m long speed rib boat accommodating up to 9 guests. Ideal for couples, families and small groups of friends willing to explore Santorini or neighbor islands on their own (speed boat license required) or with a professional skipper-guide.

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Important Info

Our experienced team will provide you before embarkation detailed instructions on the map of all points of interest and the places to keep away, as well as a quick but detailed review of the boat.

For your enjoyment, we provide free snorkeling material, cooler box with ice packs and small bottle of water, waterproof bag for your mobile phones and water sensitive material.

If the client requires a skipper, one can be arranged for a predetermined fee by adding the according service to the cart.

Please note that fuel costs are not included in the final price. 

Any extra requests can be described/ added in the comments section of the ordering form.


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