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Riviera sea cruises are in the field of boats since 2008 started with parking services and boat maintenance as it had an area of ​​8 acres and created 170 regular customers in 2015 with the needs of the season entered the tourism industry and started with sea excursions, maritime transport boat rentals with and without captain.

Riviera sea cruises with the specialized staff has created several collaborations with five star hotels, villas with tourist offices as well as with airlines as well as collaborates with foreign travel agents every year we are informed with our presence in international exhibitions to provide you with high sea services and offer you beautiful images from the islands of Greece and always safely.


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Why choose us?

Riviera sea cruises is a company that deals with tourism and provides high quality services.
All boats are professional and CE certified. All boats go through all the Greek committees every year for safety at sea.
Every 2 years we make radical changes and renewals in the equipment of our boats while every year our entire fleet remains for 6 months in our carnagio (riviera marine parking).
During the winter each boat is inspected and repaired exclusively by our specialized staff! Because for us the most valuable thing is your safety.

Our passion, the sea

The riviera sea cruises with the specialized staff, the impeccable service and the peaceful environment will travel you safely and confidently to any part of Greece and all that is left for you is to choose a Boat from our fleet that adapts to your tastes. We have had a passion for the sea for many years and we want to show our experiences to discover the sea to swim in the turquoise waters to feel freedom and to enjoy your private moments. Cruises from riviera sea cruises are proven to be the best way to vacation and relax. So escape from everyday life for a few days and seize the opportunity for a dream vacation that offers you so much in a short time.

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Especially for Newlyweds

If you are a newlyweds and you are preparing for your honeymoon, believe us, Cruise is the best choice. At the same time there are special benefits for the newlyweds such as a welcome with a bottle of wine. We assure you that the cruise as a honeymoon will give you the luxury you require and will fill your common life with unforgettable images and experiences to travel to the ultimate blue pick a Boat from our fleet for day or multi-day cruises.


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