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Our passion for the sea, sailing, and travel drove us to join forces and create Salty Breeze MCPY. The company’s goal is to lift off the exciting sailing trip to a unique experience accessible to the whole world. 

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Our vision is to embrace experienced and demanding sailors and people who want to get in touch with the magical world of sailing and cruising with a sailboat. We have collected some useful information on the most popular destinations. Explore beaches and attractions, and come in touch with the local culture.


Salty Breeze provides the most ecological way of recreation, with absolute environmental awareness, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate blue without compromising your travel. Cruise in the unforgettable with a completely different and alternative way of recreation. 

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Skipped or bareboat, we are here to assist you and help you organize your next vacation in the North Aegean sea. For those recently qualified skippers looking to take their first sailing charter holiday, the area surrounding Thasos, Samothraki, and Limnos provides an ideal playground. It’s a mixture of predictable katabatic winds, glorious sunshine, turquoise shallow bays, and most certainly, the beautiful harbors to moor in each evening that together provide a recipe for a fantastic holiday you’ll want to relive year after year. 

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