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About Us

At SEIL, we are driven by four core values that define our identity and guide our actions: Science, Ethics, Intelligence, and Logic. These values are not just words, but principles that shape our approach to innovation and problem-solving.

We scan and exploit the latest Scientific developments to support businesses in responding to real life challenges.

We embrace Ethics by Design when applying state of the art technologies and process improvements.

We apply Intelligence to optimize industrial and consumer processes and create innovative solutions.

We use science-backed Logic to create solutions that are tailored for you.

SEIL is more than a name, it’s a philosophy. A philosophy that reflects our commitment to excellence, responsibility, creativity, and customer satisfaction. SEIL is your trusted partner in innovation.

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Why we Created FOKEA

We at SEIL love the sea and want to share its beauty and potential with everyone.

For more than 20 years, we have been involved in cutting-edge research and development projects in the field of artificial intelligence and blue economy.

We have a vision of transforming the boating sector into a more sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable experience for all.

That’s why we created FOKEA, an innovative platform that connects boaters, marine businesses, and marinas in a digital ecosystem.

FOKEA helps users plan their trips, find their destinations, share their stories, and access local services with ease and convenience. FOKEA also promotes environmental awareness and circular economy practices among the boating community.

We believe that FOKEA is not just an app, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that celebrates the sea and its endless possibilities. A lifestyle that respects the nature and its precious resources. A lifestyle that fosters quality interactions and memorable moments.

We invite you to join FOKEA and discover the sea like never before.

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